About us


ZELE Tattoo is located in Zagreb, in Tresnjevka, in Savska street, number 10. You can reach us by taking tram number 12, 9 and 3 going towards the Tresnjevka market, or number 13, 14 and 17 going to Cibona tower, and then walking towards Tresnjevka market.
Salons working hours are Monday-Friday from 12 - 20 PM.

The reception area of the salon consists of the entrance stairway with storefronts with jewelry and photographs of our works; of a waiting area with about 20 seats, with information counter containing some 60 catalogues and over 300 specialized books with tattoo motives. Behind the info counter there is a drawing space, with the archive of magazines specialized in tattooing, equipped with photocopier, fax and computer.

We have four separate rooms for tattooing of the total capacity of 5 clients minimum at the same time. Two of the working rooms are currently air-conditioned.
All working areas are equipped with two component monolithic floors or tiles that are disinfected daily; also with non-porous furniture which is disinfected before and after each client, and special anti-microbe UV lamps. We also have toilet and washroom facilities as well as the separate room for sterilization equipped with ultrasound cleaner with disinfectant bath, separate washroom facilities for rinsing the instruments before sterilization, the equipment for welding the sterilization packs and Autoklav sterilizer which is frequently tested.



Our salon’s team is dedicated to constant improvement of its expert and artistic capabilities. All employees are trained for correct usage of disinfectants, preparation of materials and instruments for sterilization, sterilization control and appropriate handling of sterile utensils. Aiming to protect the health of our clients, our employees and also to protect the respectability of our salon, we continuously purchase materials, equipment and professional literature, and we use them all knowingly. We are also participating in the world’s network of exchanging information between our colleagues and health workers, whether it is through personal contacts or through organizations dedicated to the improvement of the quality and safety in the working methods and equipment.

Supporting the soundness of our methods is the fact that they were approved by the team of doctors with whom we have consulted regarding the safety procedures, and also numerous doctors, nurses and other health department associates who were our clients or were accompanying our clients. We are also regularly being controlled by the Croatian National Institute for Public Health and the Sanitary Inspection. Each of our clients can see the entire preparation of the working area and working table, the unpacking of the sterile utensils, the complete work process, the dismantling and disposal of the used equipment and the disinfection of the furniture and work surfaces.

So much about safety, and as regards the quality and the artistic value of our work, the picture speaks more then words. In the photo gallery of designs or in catalogues in our salon you can browse for something that you like, or you can come to us with an idea of your own. All tattoo masters who are working with us are also quality drawers, skillful with all tattoo styles, and they would be happy to help you with a drawing or an advice. The proof of our successful work is in the respect of our colleagues from all around the world and many awards we have won on the competitions that were part of international conventions of tattoo masters.


Upon completion of Musical High School and Chemical-Tehnical School, Ana undergoes the training in blood transmitted diseases, the sterilization training and the training for administrative work, in Tattoo Studio ZAGREB under the supervision of Ninoslav Zelenović as a mentor. At the same time she graduates from the Commercial School at the Open University, and starts managing the administrative work, purchasing work and internal sanitary inspector work in Tattoo Studio ZAGREB, and she still does all of those activities even today. After we took over the exclusive distribution of The Wildcat collection for Croatia, and for ex-Yu Countries (former Yugoslavia countries), Ana takes over the supervision of all activities connected with the Croatian branch of that firm.


After demobilization from the active non-commissioned servise in the Croatian Army during the Croatian War of Independence, Ninoslav undergoes the training in the protection from blood transmitted diseases, the sterilization training and the training for administrative work, in Tattoo Studio ZAGREB under the supervision of Ivana Švalj, the owner of the salon at the time. Late 1993 Ninoslav starts working as a tattooist and also on the sterilization. In 1995, during a tattoo convention in Amsterdam, he undergoes the training for the jewelry application, under the mentor Denis Dikke, in Amsterdam, in the Tattoo Studio SKIN DEEP and also the additional training for tattooing under the mentor Jana Huis in Tattoo Studio ALMERE (ex-mentor of Ivana Švalj). . After that he participates on numerous international conventions, seminars and congresses on tattooing, lecturer and a member of the jury. This results in numerous awards, recognitions, published works and interviews in foreign tattoo magazines and books, and also in fast advancement among the elite of the international tattoo scene.
Together with tattooing and jewelry application, Ninoslav is the author of numerous design kits for tattooing, several models of carved frames of tattooing machines, the Ethic and Hygiene Manual of the Croatian Association of Tattooists (this Association is unfortunately not active) and the jewelry applicants, as well as the complete texts of this and previous web pages. Through direct crafts training of his apprentices, through lectures and internal debates on the local and international scene, Ninoslav forms a line of recognized master tattooists and jewelry applicants, and influences the course of the development of many other colleagues from younger generation, both in practice and theory.



The tattooing equipment and jewelry application can be divided into three main categories:

  1. Spare materials and supplies for single use only
  2. Instruments that are sterilized
  3. Equipment that is isolated by non-porous PVC foil

Spare materials and supplies for single use are colors and color dosers, gloves, protective cover for the working plate, needles, razors and other materials for skin preparation and skin disinfection, and materials for isolating the furniture and equipment that are impossible to sterilize. These materials are used only once, and then discarded immediately, with the exception of the needles that are disposed in special containers for dangerous waste, and then destroyed according to the regulations, by the company authorized for such activities.

Instruments that are sterilized are tubes of the tattoo needle slides, different grippers and clamps and tools for applying the jewelry. They are decontaminated between two usages in the ultrasound cleaner with disinfectant bath, and then they are mechanically cleaned and rinsed, packed and sealed in the sterilizing bags. After this procedure they are properly sterilized in the Autoklav sterilisator.

The equipment that cannot be sterilized as they contain plastics and isolation materials, and they have to be touched during the tattooing are cover up, or wrapped in PVC bags or PVC foil. This method serves for preventing contamination and transmittal of diseases through the operating part of the tattooing machine, contact wire and parts of the furniture that come into the contact with the client during tattooing or during jewelry application.

Equipment sterilization room - Autoclav
Sanitary conditions in our studio are set at the highest level. Monolithic floors or tiles that are disinfected daily, non-porous furniture disinfected before and after each client, and also disinfected with special anti-microbe ultra-violet lamps. For the sterilization of equipment we use regularly attested Autoklav sterilizer.